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This video shows samples from my engine replacement course. Check it out to get an idea what to expect from the course itself. If you have any apprehension about tackling your own engine replacement, you have come to the right place. If you can change your oil, you can learn to replace your engine. I’ve completed my own engine replacement, and I’m happy to show you how to do the same. 

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Transcript follows:


So you found just the right car. You bought it, you paid it off. It’s worked great. It’s done everything that you need it to do. It’s just right for your family, just right for your work. Everything is perfect, and then one day it stops running. You take it to the mechanic, and then you get the bad news: The engine needs to be replaced.

The Problem

Now what? You can either spend a ton of money putting a used engine in this great car. You don’t know how long it’s going to last. Or you can put a refurbished or new engine in this great car. You don’t want to give up the car, but the cost is just too high. Well I’ve been in that situation and I have an answer.

The Solution

I’ve created a plan that works. So, if like me, you’re kind of stuck. You don’t really have or want to spend the money on a used engine. You’d rather put a new engine in the car but that’s too expensive. And again, if you’re like me, you’ve done maintenance on your car yourself. You could change the oil obviously, you could swap brakes. You could put in new shocks and a few other things like that, but you’ve never done any job as big as swapping your own engine.

Well, I did just that. I swapped my own engine and I created a plan so that you could do the same thing. That plan was made so that if you can change your own oil you can learn to swap your own engine.

The Video Course

What does that plan look like? I’ve created an instructional video detailing every step that I took to swap that engine. It includes high quality 1080p HD video from multiple angles, including first person, where you can see everything my hands do, and over the shoulder, so you can get a full scale view of everything that’s happening. So you don’t miss any of the action And so that everything is clear and easy to follow, I set up professional lighting all around my work area so that you don’t miss a thing.

Tons of knowledge is transferred in this over 40 hours of in-depth video instruction. I wish I’d had that myself going in.

An Example

“I just broke this. I’m going to take all these out and drill that bolt out of there.” You get to see everything: every problem, every error, every mistake, and how I figured out how to fix those mistakes. You can watch me restore this car to its original manufacturer specifications. And since I’m doing this in my own garage, I don’t have a whole set of high-end professional tools.

The Tools

So what did I do? I listed all of the tools that I used personally: tools from Harbor Freight, AutoZone, and any place that you might go locally to buy tools that I used during this engine swap. And how can you know that this engine swap returned that car to factory specifications is because I used the original GM service manual for all these repairs. So you can trust that I’ve done this repair with the right steps in a right order. I followed that service manual step by step, word for word. You can think of it this way: I took the official GM service manual and turned that into step-by step instructional course.

You Can Do It

Using the genuine GM service manual, I’ve indexed all the videos so that every step is easy to find. So save money, do it yourself, and demystify this complex procedure by doing an engine swap on your own car in your own garage. So do yourself a favor. Get that car off the blocks, get our video, swap that engine yourself and start driving that car right away. Get the instructional video at