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Men and women both spend lots of time in their cars. But do they see a car the same way? They don’t, but what’s the difference? Well, when it comes to cars, men and women spend their money differently. And it has nothing to do with income. In 2020, the average income for a 45 year-old man and a 45 year-old woman was $76,000.

The most popular car among men was the Ford F-150. It’s rugged and reliable. It’s comfortable, but it’s the type of car you’re not afraid to get dirty.

The most popular car for women in 2020 was the Audi Q3. It’s a good looking SUV, and it’s got plenty of room. So, she can fit her whole family in there, without having to drive a church bus.

Men and women do look for different things when buying a car.

So, you could say a woman views her car as a purse, while a man views his car as a pair of jeans.