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I would never let my children eat in the car, but some people do, like a woman we knew

in the Early 2000s. She had 6 children and a beat up old Dodge Neon, and she needed to

move across the country.

White Dodge Neon

She was going to drive that car. We couldn’t let her do that, so we traded our Ford Taurus

station wagon for that car. Well, the smell in that car was a war crime, and I had to get it

out. So I stripped everything. I took out the seats, and the the carpet, and washed it down

with bleach, Lysol, everything I could think of. And the smell still wouldn’t come out. So

finally, I found the source of the smell. It was a block of macaroni and cheese that had

slipped under the seat, in the back, into the trunk under the carpet. So we cleaned that

out, but the smell never went away. And that is why I would never let my children eat in

the car.