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Red Mercury Matador

The first and last time I’ve ever seen a Mercury Matador was in the 1980s. My best friend and I were about 14 years old. We’d go behind his dad’s garage–he was a mechanic– and find a car that we could take out for the day to show off. We found an old Mercury Matador.

We drove it across town to see my friend who lived in a really nice neighborhood. I wanted to see what it would do. He was apprehensive, so I punched it. And the gas pedal stuck. Sparks started to fly all over the place and the car wouldn’t steer. I looked over at my friend, who was yanking on the passenger door trying to get out. And he says, ‘it won’t open’.

And I turned back and saw a house headed our way as the car was picking up speed and smoke was flying everywhere. Then we heard a loud bang and the car stopped and we jumped out and ran away.

And that is the first and last time I’ve ever seen a Mercury Matador.