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If You Can Change Your Oil, You Can Learn to Replace That Dead Engine.

Great Car. Dead Engine.

Don’t Worry. I Have a Plan that Works.

You spent good money on your car. You’ve kept up with maintenance, even changing the oil yourself.

But your car has let you down.

You’ve received the dreaded phone call from your mechanic: “You need an engine replacement right now.”

What now? Do you spend thousands of dollars for an engine removal and replacement just to repair your car? Do you replace your car at even greater cost?

It’s a great car with a dead engine. Don’t worry. I have a plan that works. If you can change your oil, you can learn to replace that dead engine. Maybe you’ve heard about doing an engine swap before, but didn’t know where to start. Start your journey right here by signing up for the Perfect Engine Removal Tools List.

Get Your Perfect Engine Removal Tools List

The Perfect Engine Removal Tools List is a complete list of the tools you’ll need to do an engine swap in your own garage. The List includes source links and current prices so you don't have to search around for the right tools. All that work has been done for you, so you can perform that engine removal yourself.

My Gift to You

I’m Big Red, and I’ll show you how to do tough jobs in your own tiny two car garage (or one-car garage, if that’s the case). The Perfect Engine Removal Tools List is my gift to you for signing up below. I replaced the engine on my SUV in my garage. We captured the whole engine swap on video, and created a comprehensive instructional video course to show you, first hand, how to swap your engine.

The Perfect Engine Removal Tools List

The Perfect Engine Removal Tools List is a complete list of the tools you’ll need to do an engine removal in your own garage. The List includes source links and current prices so you don’t have to search around for the right tools. All the hard work of finding the right tools to perform an engine removal has been done for you.

Why is this the PERFECT TOOLS LIST? Because it’s not just one list, but TWO!

The Essential Tools List contains the minimal set of inexpensive tools you’ll need.

The Premium Tools List contains a list of the best tools we could find for wrenching at home. The Premium Tools should make your engine removal, engine replacement, engine swap, and general wrenching, faster, safer, and more fun.

BONUS! Start your own engine removal with my FREE Engine Removal Checklist.

The Engine Removal Checklist is the first step on your own journey to swapping or replacing your own engine in your own garage, like I did!

I have been been working on cars out of a regular garage for many years. I have an engineering mind set that solves complex problems, so you don’t have to!

Use the Social Media links below to visit my channel on YouTube (and watch fun stuff on TikTok) to give you a preview of the quality you can expect, while giving you something great to watch!

Get the Engine Removal Checklist for an orderly list, which will lead to a successful repair. It all starts with the right tools you’ll need to remove, replace, or swap that dead engine.

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Dead Engine

You and your car were driving along, minding your own business when everything screeched to a halt.

No matter how many times you turned the starter, the engine would not turn over. But you’re not ready to give up on your investment. What do you do?

Don’t Worry

Although it may seem as though your only option would be to throw this car out in order to avoid the huge repair bills, it’s not. You may already have the skills you’ll need in order to learn how to remove and replace your engine. I will guide you through your engine removal and replacement with our video series. Start now by downloading your Free Perfect Engine Removal  Tools List along with the Comprehensive Engine Removal Checklist.

I Have A Plan That Works

A combination of good engineering, straightforward directions, and sturdy tools make you up to the challenge.

You don’t have to know all that’s involved in engine removal and replacement up front, but you must bring certain skills to the table.  Make your skills work for you. Get started on that engine swap!

If You Can Change Your Oil, You Can Learn to Remove and Replace That Dead Engine

We have compiled a list of things you need to get started on the engine removal and replacement. You can access it for free.

Even with the list, you’ll need to actually know how to do the engine removal and engine replacement—and we’ve got you covered there as well. Step by step videos recording the whole process of the engine removal and replacement are available for preorder right now! You will be able to catch all the action up close, with our first and third-person camera angles. The 1080p high-definition video doesn’t miss a step in the engine replacement. The professional lighting makes sure there are no shadows blocking your view.

Pre-order now, while we are still recording and finishing up the course, and pay only $159 for the whole engine removal and replacement course.

Wait until we’re done, and you can still buy the video. But it will be full price: $597.

Get Your Copy of the Engine Replacement Course!

Step by step instructions and high-definition videos walk you through the whole process of the engine removal and replacement. The entire comprehensive engine replacement course is available for order right now!