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If you change your own oil, you don’t get those handy little stickers that remind you when to change it again. That’s no reason to go to the oil change shop though. The oil shop is all about the upsell. You’re never sure they are using the best oil for your car. You’re not even sure they are doing a good job of maintaining your car. You can save money and worry by changing your own oil. You must keep some things in mind in order to do a good job changing your own oil. Inspired by this article, here are 6 problems to look out for when changing your own oil.
pouring motor oil

1. Keeping Track of the Date.

Love it or hate it, the reminder sticker from the oil shop does keep track of the mileage and the date you got your oil changed. You don’t have to keep that stuff in your head if you have the sticker on your window. So how do you keep the date in your mind so you can change the oil yourself? We have an app that will help. Oil Change Commander keeps track of your oil change schedule for you. All you do is put in your VIN#, and the Commander does the rest. It sends you an email every three months, and is customizable, so you set the date you want to be reminded.

2. You Don’t Know What Kind of Oil Your Car Needs.

What should you buy? Expensive, premium synthetic oil, or dirt cheap oil? Your manual knows what kind of oil you need. You should consult it. But what if you can’t find your manual? Or you don’t have time? We’ve got you covered. Our app looks up your car by VIN# and makes recommendations based on what your car needs.

3. Finding the Right Weight Motor Oil

There are several things to consider when shopping for oil. For example, your car needs a specific weight oil. How would you know whether you need W-40 or W-30? That gives you something else to look up—adding even more time to the 45 min you’ve allotted to change your oil. Let our app do the research for you.

4. Knowing Your Car’s Oil Capacity:

Another consideration when it comes to changing oil is the capacity. How much oil do you need? You don’t want to guess. You want to know for sure. The Commander will leave all the guess work out of it.

5. There are so Many Brands of Oil Filters.

Which is best for your car? Is it wisest to go with the cheapest filter on the shelf? I mean, you are trying to save money, right? But cheap filters can damage your engine. Oil Change Commander will send you recommendations for the right oil filter for your car. Stop playing Russian roulette with your engine.

6. Changing the Oil Too Frequently, not Frequently Enough, or Not at All.

Can you think of any reasons you might do one of these things? Bingo. You forgot. You have no idea when you last changed your oil. You can either get really fastidious, or you can buy our service. Never worry about forgetting to change your oil again.

7. Bonus: Don’t Forget Routine Maintenance

The oil shop uses routine maintenance to upsell your $39.99 oil change. Before you know it, you’re spending $80, because you couldn’t go tell which recommendation was unnecessary. When you change your own oil, checking your windshield wipers or air filter isn’t upselling–it’s good maintenance. Don’t waste a minute of your time researching proper air filters or windshield wipers. Oil Change Commander will include recommendations for all your routine maintenance needs along with your reminder.

When Remembering is Not Enough

Remembering when to change the oil is such an important issue, we almost named our app Remember the Oil.

But remembering when is not the only issue you run into when changing your own oil. You want to be able to take command of your car maintenance. You want to take control of changing your oil. You also want the convenience of scheduling your oil change, and managing your time. We do the research for you, saving you precious hours. You also want the confidence that you are doing what’s best for your car. Our research will take care of that. You just need to sign up.

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